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Corporate Venture Builder

TF/LABS is a corporate venture builder that produces and develops new technology businesses for our partners. As entrepreneurs we develop projects within the area of ​​innovation that become new strategic businesses for our corporate partners.


We jointly co-create initiatives, sharing risks and profits, creating solutions that stand out and challenge or complement current models.

Set up and lead

We set up and lead technological ecosystems to build the next generation of companies in their industries.
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Creating new innovative initiatives requires a focus and specific abilities to look exclusively toward the future. Given their size, lack of time, capacities, and internal dynamics, corporations have issues when attempting to optimally incubate new future projects.


The money of large companies invested in new projects is less efficient.

Employees vs. entrepreneurs

Initiatives do not receive the devotion or focus required from corporate employees.

Talent acquisition

Corporate projects are less appealing to technological and entrepreneurial profiles than new startups.


Corporations tend to overestimate synergies and underestimate internal obstacles.

We believe that building startups within corporations is one of the most effective tools to create real and tangible corporate innovation.

Not only do we have resources and extensive knowledge of the PropTech and data sector, but we ourselves are also entrepreneurs. Which is why, either as co-creators or as corporate incubator, we provide solutions to companies who, due to lack of time, knowledge, or resources, need a partner that gives them the security they need to push their project forward.