Data driven startups


We create, incubate, and accelerate data-driven startups who, by analyzing and curating data, help to improve the PropTech sector nationally and internationally.

We love data and know that proper analysis with curated, filtered information can make a huge difference when making strategic decisions. We believe in the differential value of data analysis applied to decision-making. This helps businesses to base themselves on facts, and not intuition, saving time, streamlining processes, and obtaining results that bring them closer to their goals.

We have PickGeo and GSRAW in our incubated data-driven startup portfolio, and we plan to grow this portfolio in the near future. We create startups that have an impact on the real estate ecosystem with their data analysis and make the PropTech sector grow.


The leading data extraction network in the market

Let our web scraping and data acquisition experts build and manage the bespoke data extraction solution for your business needs. We ensure volume accuracy and quality of the data.

Visit GSRAW website here.


Pickgeo discovers the best places for a new retail location

Our propietary algorithm estimates the revenue of potential new openings, predicting the best location. Within the selected regions, inspect the metrics of the area: income, pedestrians, competitors, etc.

Visit Pickgeo website here.

We Accelerate

Data as an added value and differential advantage

Applying data analysis to the real estate industry means making decisions with a lower risk margin and streamlining processes that would otherwise require excessive waste of resources. Data-driven startups in the PropTech sector are helping businesses in the real estate sector, but also brokers, appraisers, managers, websites, etc. Using data is such a determining and differential factor that it provides a strong competitive advantage in comparison with companies in the same sector who do not use technology applied to data.

TheFringe/LABS’ mission is to act as incubator and accelerator for startups who cover a specific demand within the PropTech sector and meet all the standards in terms of data volume, quality, and enrichment, as well as transparency in processes.