Meet the team: Marta!

Who is Marta?

Born and raised in Barcelona, Marta graduated from ESADE in Business Administration. She has an excellent track record in marketing with over 10 years experience in different multinationals such as Moët&Chandon, Vileda or Puig. She is also an entrepreneur at heart and co-founder of Coemprende, a  community with the objetive to democratise entrepreneurship,  made by and for entrepreneurs that within a collaborative environment share best in class learnings, ideas and experiences with each other.

Mother of two (Maxi & Lily), Marta loves learning and is not not afraid of challenges. She always have 4 books on hand and several ongoing courses, almost all of them on personal growth or personal finance. Her biggest hobby is explaining to her children those things that she learns, in a language that is understandable to them. She learns a lot from them as well.

What does Marta do at TF/LABS?

Marta is working currently as the TF/LABS Product and Project Manager from A to Z. She scouts trends and opportunities that might be good for the company, makes benchmarking and benchmarketing plans as well as deep reports and finally manages the new projects that are approved to come to life, coordinating all the actors involved in them.

Why did Marta choose TF/LABS?

In her own words: “I signed up for TFLABs because of the team, I’ve known David for years but I never thought it would be possible to work with him because we live in different places. Telecommuting has given me this great opportunity and I am delighted that I can work with incredible people. I find wonderful to be able to help startups on their way or to be able to participate in the creation of many others. I like TFLABS because you can say everything you think, contribute what you are and what you know, and all in a very natural way… unlike in big companies “.

Fun facts about Marta

· Nothing relaxes her more than sitting on the beach and looking at the sea.

· She has been volunteering at the kennel for over 2 years, and her cat Frodo is 18 years old, one-eyed from birth and black. It has taught her what unconditional love is and that black cats bring luck!

· Every month 10% of her salary goes to different NGOs. She firmly believes we all should help if we can, either with money or time or helping to spread the message.