Meet the team: Mike!

Who is Mike?

meet the team mikeMike, born in Spain, studied Computer Engineering at the University of Valladolid. His entire professional career has taken place in a startup environment. As soon as he finished his degree, he began his first entrepreneurial experience founding his own startup at the age of 23. Some time later he moved to Madrid where he worked in several startups such as Saluspot, Fuell or ApetEat, an online corporate catering focused on B2B commerce in which he was CTO from almost the beginning of the company until 3 years later. After those years at ApetEat, he left the company having achieved three rounds of financing with a total of more than 2M, placing more than 1200 daily orders between Madrid and Barcelona and having been one of his most fun and exciting life experiences. Today he teaches at The Bridge Digital Talent Accelerator, and begins his new adventure at The Fringe Labs as a Tech Lead.

What does Mike do at TF/LABS?

Thanks to his experience in different technological areas and his dynamism and adaptability, Mike will be in charge of shaping everything that technology needs, from more tangible things such as Front, Back, Devops, Cloud programming. … To other issues such as recruiting technical profiles, developing technological processes, applying methodologies within the company, etc.

Why did Mike choose TF/LABS?

In Mike´s own words: “I think the deal was closed from the first meeting with David Hueso and TF/LABS partners. What most caught my attention were the values of the company and the way they want to grow within the industry, the seniority of the people involved in the project and the possibility that it offered me: to live an entrepreneurial experience from a different point of view than the one I am used to. I am very happy to start my new entrepreneurial adventure at TF/LABS and I really want to start leaving my footprint as soon as possible. The team that has been assembled is amazing and 2022 looks really interesting, currently everyone is working really hard to achieve all the goals we have in mind”.

Fun facts about Mike

  • · Mike owns a pet rabbit called Pisoni.
  • · He loves video games, especially the Resident Evil saga.
  • · His favorite series is One Piece, he’s been following it since he was 7 years old.
  • · He plays basketball really well, in fact, he has been playing it since he was 8 years old and has been a coach for 6 years.
  • · Mike is a “colchonero”: a true Atlético de Madrid supporter.
  • · He is getting married in September.