Meet the team: Rafa!

Who is rafa?

Born and raised in Bilbao (Basque Country), Rafa graduated at the Army School of Madrid (Spain) in 1989, where he obtained a Bachelor in Information Technology, Rafael completed different courses in Geomatics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Urban Planning at University of Barcelona.

In 2006 Rafael founded his own engineering company, which he operated until he moved to the Netherlands in 2012. There, he worked for Fugro Geoservices (Leidschendam). In 2013 he moved to Newfoundland, where he worked for the City of St. John’s (Land Information Services) as a public employee. Then a new challenge moved him to LOOKNorth (Leading Operational Observations and Knowledge for the North) which is a Canadian national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research hosted by C-CORE (Centre for Cold Ocean Resources Engineering). In 2017 he moved back to Spain where he was working as Director of engineering for Urban Data Analytics (Alantra group).

What does Rafa do at TF/LABS?

As a partner and TheFringe/LABS CTO, Rafa brings technical expertise helping to define minimal viabilities for a wide range of Proptech ideas. Talent retention is also key for him and one of the big pillars when building first class startups.

Why did Rafa choose TF/LABS?

Rafa has lived and worked in three different countries, and he has worked for governmental organizations, NGOs, universities and private companies providing technological solutions and support. In his own words: “I signed up for TF/LABS because I liked the idea, the company values and the team behind.“.

Fun facts about Rafa

– He tries to live in a different way being connected with nature and body feelings.

– He brews his own craft beer

– He really enjoys trying to help people facilitating men’s circles. Contact him anytime!