Spitogatos Insights: A new data-driven impetus to the real estate market

The new innovative business unit of Spitogatos supports the real estate market with insights and knowledge.     

Spitogatos launches Spitogatos Insights, its brand-new data intelligence unit to provide top tier big data and data intelligence technology services based on its focus on excellence in data quality and treatment, offering transparency to the real estate market.

Big institutional clients such as banks, advisory firms, and valuation companies can access key datapoints and analysis such as real estate offer and demand KPIs, market dynamics reports or property valuation analysis to make strategic data-driven decisions in an opaque market with a clear absence of reliable data.

Nowadays, the Greek investment market faces challenges and difficulties like millions of datapoints available, manual & lengthy processes, biased and outdated information.

“The first step to address these challenges was the Spitogatos Price Index (SPI) launch in 2019″, says Dimitris Melachroinos, CEO of Spitogatos. “We’ ve successfully combined unique technology and rich data from all the platforms of the group in Greece and abroad and we’re ready to take the next step in real estate data by launching Spitogatos Insights”, he adds.

Spitogatos Insights structures and qualifies information to minimize risks involved in real estate investments, being the only reliable player that combines real estate expertise & big data technology.

To lead this project, Spitogatos Insights has hired David Hueso Gutiérrez, senior executive & former CEO of urbanData analytics, a big data and AI startup for the real estate market acquired by Alantra Group in 2019. David Hueso Gutiérrez mentions: “European non-performing loan (NPL) activity returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2021. Greece was the most active market within the region with closed deals and an ongoing NPL pipeline worth €45.9 billion, according to data by Deloitte. At Spitogatos Insights we want to be next to the market to support them in making decisions through real and reliable data”.