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We produce technology startups

We invest, launch, and develop the technological startups that will change the future of the proptech and data.

We are creating a technological ecosystem that is clearly specialized in two great global missions: data-focused technology, and the real estate market.

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We accelerate

We support entrepreneurs

We know better than anybody what a startup’s challenges are like in each one of its phases. We like sharing in this experience and helping to overcome them. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding the same mistakes we made, which were more than a few.    We are entrepreneurs in PropTech and data. We like to take action, rather than sell consulting services.


Our mentor network is going to listen and can guide you. We know the sector and know which doors to knock on.

Product / UX / UI

We are passionate about the product. We can help you to specify, design, and even implement the foundation for your technological project.

Software development

We understand the human, technical, operative, and even accidental complexity of developing software products. We use approaches that simplify development to make an understandable, transparent, repeatable, and scalable process. We prefer small, independent, self-managed teams that explore different solutions as a way to learn about the business


We have access to a wide network of suppliers to enrich your business. We are firmly convinced that data are the key to standing above the rest as you move forward.

Talent acquisition

We know how important technical talent is for our projects. We have access to a large network of professionals, which means we can minimize our misses and maximize our hits.

Financing and M&A

We invest in projects and people with talent, but we especially know how to deal with the processes with which we have a great deal of experience.