TF/LABS supports the digital & tech talent

Part of the success in each project of TheFringe/LABS is that it is based on its own ecosystem where we give a lot of value to contacts, teams and processes, within this ecosystem we consider it vitally important to help in the discovery of tech talent and support it from our position as technology startup factory.

The lack of technological talent is a reality, this together with the TF/LABS philosophy of contributing to the sectors in which it operates, results in a collaboration with The Bridge and its students to contribute to their professional development.

Desafío de Tripulaciones” is the final project the students from different disciplines accomplish before getting their diploma. No matter if you are a UX, Digital Marketing, or Data science student, they all form multidisciplinar groups to work together in a specific project.

This time TheFringe/LABS has been the company proposing some projects that can become a reality in Proptech, and all the students chose a final one to work on it: Co-living for seniors.

What did TF/LABS do? State a problematic in the Proptech Industry to the three groups. This problem lies in senior people that are not old enough to enter a nursing home, but are looking for some comfort and a collaborative environments where they can share spaces and activities and meet other people like them.


The 18 students in each of the three groups from different disciplines created a digital solution and a potential startup regarding this subject, resulting in real life projects where they learned pros and cons, technical difficulties, marketing research and competition, and all the stages needed to create a startup from scratch. You can watch the full session in Youtube.

Group presentation

Miguel Galera, COO and partner at TheFringe/LABS was a member of the jury and helped the groups along the way with his feedback and industry knowledge.

The three proposals where amazing given the teams only had 2 weeks to develop the projects, and TF/LABS decided to split the prize ex aequo instead to name a solo winner. The prize consisted in a check for charity, and each group decided which NGO they wanted to help.

From TheFringe/LABS we will keep on supporting the tech and digital talent and partner with companies that share our values and help the industry to grow and become better and more competitive. These iniciatives and the partnership TF/LABS maintains with The Bridge ensures that we identify digital talent from the beginning and be close to the future tech superstars.