Top Spanish executives in the Proptech Industry

At TheFringe/LABS we know what is important in every project, business or industry, and that is: the people involved. We have gathered in an infographic those people that we consider key in the proptech industry in 2021. From entrepreneurs to investors, these are the faces that we must not lose sight of. Individuals who have worked for the industry to present the current state and who are contributing in the development and future of proptech.

We hope to be able to expand this map in successive years and we are looking forward to seeing what new players enter in 2022 and strengthen the proptech industry in Spain.

The following map includes a Linkedin link in order to find the professional profiles of each of the members in a single click in the same space. Click the image below to download the map of the most influential executives in the local proptech ecosystem.

Proptech Industry Infographic
Top Spanish Executive in Proptech Industry 2021 – Produced by TF/LABS

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