We produce

We build new data and PropTech business with companies and entrepreneurs, with no cap on our imagination for the future.


We act as co-founder in all our projects

We create startups from scratch, upheld by an ecosystem of clients, partners, and companies, all managed by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs unlike any other in the market.

We apply our best practices and experiences to all the projects we participate in. Our track record backs us up.

We like action more than words. As opposed to other incubators and accelerators who offer packaged services to startups, we are operational and practical. We think about what you need, and seek out how to support you.

We are entrepreneurs and we take risks with you. We invest our time, passion, and money in your projects

At TF/LABS we are mainly focused in Proptech and in data-driven startups, which allows us to be an incubator and accelerator specialized in high-growth sectors where we are experts adding a differential value.

We launch and accompany startups and corporations

Launch of stand-alone projects.

Development of new differential business models along with third parties.


Support for high-potential startups to reach maturity.

We accompany you in exploring new opportunities and implementing innovative models.

We are building the companies of the future

TF/LABS is in a unique position to incubate projects and position them in the market, thanks to its talent network, data, industry knowledge, software/product development ability, and track record.

We firmly believe in the importance of our ecosystem as the hub to promote and feed into new business models, where data is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our shared infrastructure and synergies increases the startup’s potential for success. Creation and growth are optimized, both for entrepreneurs and for companies.

We help new entrepreneurs in the data analysis sector, as well as those who wish to begin their adventure in the PropTech sector.

Regarding companies, we act as partners when launching new projects within their field of innovation and technology, acting as incubators and corporate accelerators. We provide them with all our knowledge and resources, accompanying them every step of the way.