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Startup Incubator

TheFringe/LABS is an independent startup factory where we incubate, launch and develop technology startups

TF/LABS is a startups incubator focused in innovative projects an ideas within the Proptech and Data industries.

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Phase I

Idea Labs

We analyze the market in search of successful startups, trends, and future opportunities. We identify potential synergies with our portfolios, team, and ecosystem. We assess ideas: technical feasibility, business model, potential investor interest, etc.  

Phase II


We turn business concepts into real products and launch them to market. We specify and develop minimum viable products (MVPs). We use our in-house resources and partner network to develop solutions. We build the future team.

Phase III


The project founders/leaders are the true stars. We provide support to find the best talent possible, blending the cross-cutting, solvent, senior team with profiles with great future prospects. We provide the tools, knowledge, and trust. The team takes charge of directing the company.

Phase IV


We specify and develop minimum viable products (MVPs).

Compared to other incubators and accelerators that offer packaged services to startups, we are operational and practical. We think about what´s best for you, what you need and we work towards your success supporting you along the way.

We Accompany

We accompany entrepreneurs and companies in their Proptech and Data businesses


We are entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience in the technological sector. We have exceptional knowledge of the sector, and our indie work method is far from conventional. We do more than just talk. We aren’t interested in long meetings or complicating processes; we want to be effective and efficient. We want to be the best and change the future of the PropTech market. With our experience and resources, we can guarantee that you and your startup will be accompanied throughout all the stages of growth and incubation.